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Swarovski world of crystals - Swarovski explains crystals

A water-spitting giant that magically draws the observer into it, and wonder chambers that ignite the fires of fantasy, have become globally recognised works of art within 14 years, and have been visited by more than 9 million people to date. What makes the Swarovski world of crystals unique is the dream – a company’s commitment to a variety of ideas that are released through the objects it creates: high-quality dazzling crystals. Originally a gift to employees, collectors, customers and partners to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Swarovski in 1995, the Swarovski worlds of crystal conceived by André Heller have become a place where people from all backgrounds experience a sense of pleasure and amazement that is as manifold, spontaneous and unadulterated as the crystals themselves!

A giant with its roots in the Tyrol.

Giants used to cause a sensation because of their size, but today there is one that people from all countries swarm to see.....

the giant at the Swarovski world of crystals in Wattens in Tyrol – widely photographed and known throughout the world. Within 15 years it has become a globally recognised icon and received more than 10 million visitors.

Glistening crowd puller

The dream world designed by André Heller was opened in Wattens in 1995. At the centre lies a gigantic legendary figure that later gave the worlds of crystal their second name. In autumn 2003, spectacular wonder chambers and new attractions were added alongside the giant. The next metamorphosis took place in 2007: the mythical crystalline world now offers more room for dreams and fantasies in an area covering 4,000m².

55 million crystals and much more

Be amazed at the wonder chambers with names such as Poseidon’s Puzzle, 55 Million Crystals, La Primadonna Assoluta, Mechanical Theatre, Ice Passage or Timeless Swarovski. Discover a fantastic stage for cultural events, the world’s largest Swarovski shop in a visionary design and the CAFÉ-terra restaurant. where you can enjoy delicious food and drink. The creatively designed park landscape also invites you to linger for a while – with mazes, artistic works and panorama views.

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